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Find The Truth In These Excerpts

About Bones

P_SP_CastSplints_sidebar.gifThe human skeleton has 206 bones, which begin to develop before birth. When the skeleton first forms, it is made of flexible cartilage, but within a few weeks it begins the process of ossification. Ossification is when the cartilage is replaced by hard deposits of calcium phosphate and stretchy collagen, the two main components of bone. It takes about 20 years for this process to be completed.
Additionally, the bones of kids and young teens contain "growing zones" called growth plates. These plates consist of columns of multiplying cartilage cells that grow in length and then change into hard bone. The growth plates are located at the ends of the bones in children.
Because kids' bones are relatively soft and flexible, they tend to absorb shock better than adult bones. However, with enough force, they can still break.
Fortunately, kids' bones are also natural healers. At the location of the fracture, the bones themselves will produce new cells and tiny blood vessels to help close up the break until it's almost as good as new. This repairing process is especially speedy in kids.
Your body is constantly tearing down and building bone. In adults, it takes somewhere between 10 to 20 years to replace all the calcium in your bones that make up your skeleton. That is why it is important to have a good diet, one high in green leafy vegetables, and you should also get plenty of exercise. Both of these will help keep your bones healthy, because it will help you build as much bone as you loose.

New Study Finds Middle Age Is Prime of Life

Published: February 16, 1999
On Madison Avenue, childhood is carefree, adolescence equals angst and middle age is synonymous with emotional upheaval -- and a passion for sports cars.
But researchers who study the unfolding course of human lives have learned to distrust such popular stereotypes. The reality of development across the life span, they find, is almost always more complicated, less romantic and far more interesting than any portrayal offered up by the world of advertising. Certainly this is true of the portrait of middle age emerging from a 10-year study of nearly 8,000 Americans by the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Successful Midlife Development, which released the first in a series of reports on its findings today.
Far from being a time of turmoil, for most people the midlife years appear to be a time of psychic equanimity, good health, productive activity and community involvement, the MacArthur researchers found. ''On balance, the sense we all have is that midlife is the best place to be,'' said Dr. Orville Gilbert Brim, director of the network, which is made up of researchers from many different academic disciplines.
What all this means is growth and development are a cooperative venture between ourselves and our bodies, and it is on-going for most of human existence.  We should be more busy about developing our bodies past the age of 50, and less concerned about retirement and planning funerals.  From a marketing standpoint it is a scary truth for industries that are used to capitalizing on agism, which has been systematically taught in our halls of education and piped through our media.  The end result is a scary proposition for you;...death at 80 when you are finally an adult.  Yes, you heard it.  All those that buy into the spell of agism, will become washed out, burnt out young adults by the time they are 80 years of age.   Find out the precise timing of your body's regenerative cycles.  All of your body's organs have regenerative  cycles that can span in increments as long as 20 years.  We are to pay special attention to these scheduled biological maintenances, and supply the body with the necessary materials and training it needs.  All our lives we have been taught that our bodies are degenerative.  Is it any wonder our nursing homes are packed with people expecting a peaceful transition from natural causes only to come to the realization that that plantation was fairy-tale.  That transition is High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Dementia, Cancer, Osteoporosis, and the list goes on and on.  There are no natural causes to someone dying just after their prime of life, But the corporate conglomerate has hood-winked us into consuming goods and subscribing to doctrine that are killing us on our feet as we speak, so the countries economy does not have to sustain us much past the time we produce a next generation of consumers, because sustaining us past 80 would mean investing the capital gained into real independent ventures that are tangent to the elite's objectives.

You are here.  This is YOUR life.  Live it for you.  Don't let them bury you in your youth.

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Remembering Makaveli

Remembering A Leader For Social Justice: 

June 16, 1971, Lesane Parish Crooks was born in East Harlem, New York City. He was the son of revolutionaries, who blossomed as a rose from the concrete to become the personification of the preeminent presence and power of Hip-Hop, and the intangible motivation of a nation of Black entrepreneurs today. If it had not been for his untimely death on September 13, 1996, he might be the one featured this week at the DNC. Tupac Shakur also paved the way for Barak Obama to become president, when he announced that he was embarking on creating a new political party, which would've been in operation by the year 2001. We salute a fallen man and angel, Tupac Amaru Shakur, while embracing that great spark of energy he infused in all of us. Remember Tupac Shakure on this TAS remembrance week, September 5-13.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Your Right As a Divine Being

You were Conceived and Willed here by the Gods/God Head.  Here, is your place in this universe; on this planet.  Although you live under governments of fellow beings, no fellow being has the power, or right to thwart your elevation in the ascension of time.  And, ultimately your creator will usher you up to your higher state, with dominion.

We are the children of the One Who makes law.  It is every Divine being's right to rule and have dominion, in service to God.  We are of the Gods' likeness, for we were formed in His image; not as beasts or other creatures.  He gives us glory.  It is our duty, as is with angels, to return that glory to Him, increased.  He has made us as His sons, and as light bearers of His image.

When men deny you access, they are challenging your right to proceed.  But, open the window of your soul and your life to your Literal Father, by lifting your vision (looking) to Him.  He (The Gods) will place you in the capacity that is rightfully yours.  Don't appeal to man.  Appeal to God, and walk toward your destiny, while waiting for your appointment and placement.

Laws at every level of government have been designed to restrict progression from one condition to the next.

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It's Not Popular, But It's True.

Good Friday and Passover have nothing complementary in relation to each other. The Passover commemorates the night the death angel passed over the houses of the Jews, during the plagues on Egypt. Good Friday, is the Roman pagan celebration of the execution of Christ. The murder of an innocent person is never a good thing, and certainly not a cause for celebration.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Divine Telepathic Parenting (Parenting by Prayer)

Marriage is a spiritual union and institution founded and bonded by the Spirit of God; that same Spirit that moved upon the face of the waters at creation.  The marriage was actually orchestrated through Divine intent before the human agents exist.  The sperm contained in a man's semen are creative matter imbued with spirit and energy.  The testicles are the holding place of "spirits"/"souls of men".  The woman is the door into this physical world, through which the seed/sperm is cultivated and introduced into a physical existence.  The sperm and ovum are literally two specimens of human matter that are sewn together by the "breath of life" or Spirit.  This same spirit, along with DNA, is replicated and transferred to the child.  In the early years of the child's life, if the seeds of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, is cultivated, rehearsed and demonstrated before the child, Spiritual development and physical growth takes place simultaneously.  When these Spiritual teachings are empowered and secured by prayer for the child, "My Words shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish that which I have sent it out to do"-(Biblical Scripture) "Train up a child in the way that they should go, and in the end they shall not depart from it"-(Biblical Scripture).

So, you have the information and you have the promise from the One Who says He Is The Truth. Your presence with your child has its beginning in the mind of the God that knew you before you existed.  It is purely fiction, and blasphemy for a judge to think to truly award custody, or rule over a Divine matter that was already established before the foundations of this world were laid.  Your presence and parenting of your child transcends physical space, time, and circumstance and is made in effect through the Spiritual lineage branched out and connected by the Spirit of God.  If you maintain your mental and spiritual connection with God, there is an instantaneous portal download of information and instruction that operates imperceptive to human observation.  God "lead-parents" through you by the intent of your heart, and angelic agents are dispatched to ensure that every detail of your will, united with God's Will, is carried out to exactness.

Do not fear separation by the courts, because it cannot, and does not effect your parenting.   Fear separation from God by your sins and unbelief, that work against your strongest connection, not only to God, but to your child.

Be at peace by the Truth.  --Michraél E. James--

How Thoughts Affect Our Reality? a must see!!!

How the thoughts effect water is actually the easiest part of the mystery. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". -Yehusha

God admonishes us to cast down every high thought that exalts itself against God. The thoughts in my mind right now, are composing a perspective, a perception and a reflection or emission of cognition that began in a cognitive atmosphere at a certain intellectual height.  It caused a decision to take place, and I have decided to type what has just been transferred into the physical universe in the form of symbols that you are now reading, interpolating and internalizing.  My thought is a living frequency that is now permanently lodged in your mind, growing and producing other thoughts, decisions and actions.  That is on the intellectual level; there is also activity on the molecular level.  The water molecules in my body, if the thoughts are true will send out a positive frequency that will constructively alter the atomic shape of the water molecules in all parts of my body, including my blood.  The thoughts of your mind creates molecular structures that will either cause harm, or promote harmony and healing, congruent to the negative or positive energy vibrations given off by your thoughts and emotions.  Fear is the most damaging frequency on the molecules, and it ravages the body's systems, creating imbalances and breakdowns internally, externally, and circumstantially.  -Michraél James

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 7th, 2012 > Councilman Jumaane D. Williams' "Rally For Police Accountability"

On this brisk day in January, all ethnic and professional communities came together to rally for accountability by the NYPD.  Councilman Jumaane Williams fearless lead this rally and coalition, signing a resolution that the "Stop, Question, & Frisk" policy will be abandoned.  It was a great day for Brooklyn and the city of New York, and BFSP was there to witness it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

"If It Wasn't For Those Pesky Phenoms, The Spell Would Remain Undisturbed!"

Ascension beyond personal and proposed limitation is what B.F.S.P. is all about, and the quest of Floyd Mayweather is no exception. After breaking the the antiquated career life-cycle restraint from his mind, he was able to venture into his higher, stronger, more improved form of fighter, AND REMAIN UNDEFEATED..... DECISIVELY, as supposedly greater fighters slipped into obscurity after their defeat in his presence. Those fighters are respected for their adherence to the consented norm of age, achievement, and ability; and they did what most expected, in settling for what they had watched others accept. This is the culturally subconscious reason why boxing analysts and enthusiasts detest him; it is because he is breaking the mold and making light of the rule of thumb. "There is 'supposed' to be a decline; a loss, a sign of rusting." They lust to see the disintegration of the man machine. Besides, "nobody is perfect", and you "can't be on-top forever". Yeah, must I remind you how that worked out for Michael Jackson? Has anybody considered, that maybe Floyd has perfected his abilities in the science of boxing; an undertaking that most fighters have neglected to embrace? When this is considered, the phenomenon that Floyd has become is not so far-fetched. After all, no matter how unpleasant it is to swallow, Floyd Mayweather is a reality we must all live with.

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What's Missing In Sports? Masculine Athleticism.

M. James January 19, 2012 at 1:12 am Winners don’t wear the face of loss… matter what! By-the-way, it worked. It changed the complexion of the game and the psyche of the opposing team. All players should do this. Winning and losing are unscripted, and should remain so.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Slavery 2012

I strongly believe there are presently, slavery camps at the North Pole.

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Note: "As the Spirit of The Living God is slowly being withdrawn from the earth, the condensation of the Latter Rain is falling upon the New Man; The Everlasting Kingdom of "God" is becoming manifest.  ['The old things are passing away, and all things are being made new.']" ---Michraél E. James--- 

Be The First To Hear The Angels Crying In The Midst of Heaven!

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Ascend Your Physical Presentation @ Bodies & Faces by Simone

864 East New York Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11203
bet. Utica & Schenectady Avenue

Bodies and Faces at The B-Shop specialize in facials, body treatments, massages and spa packages.
We work hard to make everyone feel comfortable and provide you the service you deserve.  We strive to create a culture of full-body wellness that makes caring for your body, mind and spirit a way of life.
Let’s re-sur- FACE
A facial that emulates a new look with holistic products recommended for people who want a flawless complexion
Feeling stressed at work, and want a polished look in minimal time for 45 minutes
reduces the appearance of sagging skin
dull skin & dark circles
diminishes fines lines and wrinkles
45/60/90 minutes $60/$90/$130
Head to toe facial with a new attitude that restores the skin’s natural balance with hyper-pigmented complexion.
A relaxing hand and foot massage performed with a soothing, rich lotion-90 minutes
60/90 minutes  $80/$130
A seaweed masque to detoxify the skin
Draws out impurities in your back with a foot masque rub and foot soak.
60/90 minutes $100/$130
This facial targets all skin types with a high touch approach and intensive rub
A relaxing and refreshing experience for any man.
45/60/90 minutes $60/ $90/$130
Receive the package deal of (5) 60 minutes facials for $280
Contact - Simone (917) 319-3958
Minifacials $20 for MEN & WOMEN
Microfresh facials $10 MEN & WOMEN
Foot massage & Foot soak with Dead Sea Salts from Israel only $25
Back Massage $40 Inquire about our facial parties

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A Time For Resolutions

Resolutions empower; the smallest of them. When you make a decision, you cease making excuses for why you can't, and start coming up with ideas on how you can. Making decisions is healthy.  It takes you in the direction to your goals. As you move in the direction of a better condition, the path toward your goal will afford you opportunities in the vein of building momentum toward your goals. Your future comes toward you, as you walk toward it. This is because opportunities revolve. There is never just one shot, as long as you are alive. That is not to say we should be apathetic or lackadaisical concerning our future, because with every window of opportunity there is an equal demand for commitment. In other words, the challenges don't necessarily get easier, or less frequent.  Your destiny will always welcome you and make a place for you. The real questions are; do you want the rewards, and what will you do with them?.

---Michraél  E. James---

Join Me SATURDAY at New Year's Rally for NYPD Accountability!

Join Me SATURDAY at New Year's Rally for NYPD Accountability!