Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Way of Helping Cancer Patients | NBC New York.flv

This is a good first step to changing the psychological direction of some of our conditions, from that of amplification of impending death to a better quality of life in some sense. Thank you, Dr. Faber.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This movement is...

Simply put, Beings For Societal Progression is the realization of Human and Civil Rights.  It is the movement of humanity in ascension, as is our nature, being first created in the image and likeness of The God that resides above the heavens, and we get there by elevating together.  We are to, as citizens of earth, remind our governments of our innate right to excel and exceed barriers, borders and standards as our capabilities, mentalities, and methodologies progress.  Gone are the days of class and humanity as a resource, in order to power political and industrial mechanisms.  We as beings, reserve the right and prerogative to hone and harness our God given "powers" and life force to uplift our generations and replenish our seed in the geo-community for the causes of health and peace.  And, we will achieve this by a multiplicity of means.  

If You.......

If you support what I am about, tweet me, and spread the word about, because I'm here for the people. @jameslandBFSP on twitter.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is why YOU need to join ME.

As you will learn from this presentation, eugenics is not an unconstitutional illegality that sprung up this morning.  This has been happening for decades.  It could happen to you whether you are white, black or other.  Eugenics is global trillion dollar industry, a mercenary arm, hired by agencies for population control on a number of continents.  But, it is not so large that you can't do anything about it.  We must legislate them off the continent of North America.  We have a political system that is more than able and equipped to effectively remove them from American society and defend a woman's right to choose. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Defending Our Freedoms Vs. Securing Our Freedoms

At first glance, the above terms seem very similar, almost identical, but as you venture into the mood of the context, the contrast is all-too-startling.  The former term of "defending" our freedom implies that we are ready to a stand against those who would dare take our prerogative to aspire away from us.  I welcome that sentiment, but however, the second term of "securing" our freedom takes on a whole different carnation.   Securing involves locking down/safe guarding/to tie down the leisure we enjoy at home and abroad.  "Securing", is sterile, cold, and inhospitable to ease of movement.  Maybe this is why your 30 minute flight from Baltimore to Charlotte, seems like an hour and a half, or your procession to the elevators in your office building takes 22 minutes.  If time is money, "Homeland Security" is killing our economy.  The idea is for domestic security to be nonintrusive to the American's everyday way of life.  The best security is the security of social peace, as opposed to the engendering of fears and paranoia, or the reference to these psychological disorders as necessary attributes of an alert citizen.  The latter idea is ludicrous!  We appear frantic and disheveled to the global community.  We are losing one social freedom after another, until we are citizens contained by unfriendly laws and policies.  Let's begin the process of unscrewing the jar before it is too late.

Local, State, Governmental Civil Modifications Appeal

7 Points of Action:

*      Release from socialized psychological conditioning through the curriculum of the biological sciences, the propaganda and initiatives of social programs, and recurrent media themes and assertions of; life expectancy, health traits and the projections on proneness to violence/criminal activity.

*      The acceleration of academic matriculation based on the scientific evidence of higher absorption, comprehension, and retention rates in the early years of cognitive/social development.
*      The globalized and variable approach to engineering of curriculum; for example, the use of real life analogies in literature, English, and creative writing, as apposed to mythology and satanic short-story.  The validation of the arts, as the companion educational tool in our schools, colleges, and universities.
*      The repealing in the limitations on innovations, health, athletics, and performance, based on the orientations of evolution, the ignorance of true genetic factors, and ageist views; also, overly restrictive measures of the FDA, FCC, or other agencies in over regulation and repression of the research, production, and dissemination of the intellectual, technical and physical products that enhance and strengthen the human experiences in life.

*      The outlawing of the use or implementation of oppressive elements in social engineering in city planning/zoning, development and construction for the deliberate intent to design breeding conditions for crime, illegitimacy, delinquency, drug and medical addictions; the detrimental labeling of endangerment by demographic profiling; socio-economic stereo typing; the stigmatization/jeopardizing of credit by its determination of credit worthiness based on maternal maiden lineage; the victimization/criminalization of fatherhood and the immunity, unaccountability, corruption/abuse of the courts and city/state agencies.

*      The abolishment of discriminatory and predatory legislation; inequitable judgment, orders, and sentencing in the judicial system; and unconstitutional legal measures in penalization.   
 7.  The personal freedom to be guided by, within reason, one’s personal conviction in standing according to ethical/spiritual principle against injustice and institutional illegalities; to reserve the right to withhold obligation and protest against detrimental causative actions by the courts, or city/state agencies. Meaning, a person cannot be made to jeopardize the welfare/progression of self, family, loved ones or enablers in order to qualify or enter compliance with any law, preceding, program or order by any precinct, judge, or administration on any local, state, or governmental level.  With the exception of cases where there is proven: guilt of a crime, criminal involvement, harmful conspiracy, or national treason.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Students Must Be Given Variable Approaches To Education, Not Commercial Approach.

Global Orientation In American Education Is Imparitive!

Our American educational system is producing a 20th century intellectual product in the 21st century.  For this reason, by the time a typical American student finishes college, the technologies and modalities of their particular discipline has been updated by at least four years.  This renders the graduate unprepared for the demands of the present job market, and that compounded with the reality of debt often incurred by student loans, promotes a critical situation where lack of experience in their respective fields takes them out of the competition in a "free market" society.

In this regard, we are not preparing our students for domestic success, let alone global success. [ The dynamics of the global markets has changed dramatically in the last twenty years.] In truth, the American educational system is only promoting the American job market to its students. According to 2010: 

"More than 1.3 million additional Western jobs will vanish by 2014 due to "the accelerated movement of work to India and other offshore locations," says the study released Nov. 15. Hackett doesn't talk of this as good or bad, but as something that will be a reality ? and a challenge ? for more Western businesses. Hackett says the pace of job erosion has nearly doubled this decade."

Keeping in mind the expansion of democracy in a rapidly changing international community, there needs to be an overhaul of the American educational system, and exploration for development of a "Foreign Education Policy".  This is certainly feasible when confronted with the fact that most foreign educational systems matriculate students at an accelerated rate compared to the standard American educational curriculum.

In light of the fact foreign students may in fact be better educated SOONER, outsourcing is particularly attractive to American corporations who want better labor/production at a cheaper cost, which devalues the American education product. Conversely, foreign educated international students' learned curriculum and precollege matriculation holds less educational value in the American education system., even though in reality their pre-American education has prepared them for higher scholastic performance.  International high-school students are often demoted, and forced to repeat curriculum they have learned over the last four years.  Inevitably, they score higher on standardized tests, achieve higher GPAs, are more readily accepted into colleges/universities and enter the workforce at a higher job placement rate, while the American student is often not employed domestically, nor is the American student prepared to work internationally.

Beyond multiculturalism, there is a need for a "global orientation" in the American educational system.  Every citizen should have the right to an education that prepares them to progress and compete in a global market, as well as the domestic job market.  The inner working pieces in the American education systems of prejudice and discrimination has stalled, and rendered dysfunctional the American education product in the global market. Access and participation in the American educational arena is not controlled by competitiveness, but by racial and economic factors.  In foreign countries, the focus is not on "who" is educated, but on the right and privilege of education itself, and what it consists of.  So, by shortchanging our Gross Domestic Product, we have impeded our Gross National Product.