Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Local, State, Governmental Civil Modifications Appeal

7 Points of Action:

*      Release from socialized psychological conditioning through the curriculum of the biological sciences, the propaganda and initiatives of social programs, and recurrent media themes and assertions of; life expectancy, health traits and the projections on proneness to violence/criminal activity.

*      The acceleration of academic matriculation based on the scientific evidence of higher absorption, comprehension, and retention rates in the early years of cognitive/social development.
*      The globalized and variable approach to engineering of curriculum; for example, the use of real life analogies in literature, English, and creative writing, as apposed to mythology and satanic short-story.  The validation of the arts, as the companion educational tool in our schools, colleges, and universities.
*      The repealing in the limitations on innovations, health, athletics, and performance, based on the orientations of evolution, the ignorance of true genetic factors, and ageist views; also, overly restrictive measures of the FDA, FCC, or other agencies in over regulation and repression of the research, production, and dissemination of the intellectual, technical and physical products that enhance and strengthen the human experiences in life.

*      The outlawing of the use or implementation of oppressive elements in social engineering in city planning/zoning, development and construction for the deliberate intent to design breeding conditions for crime, illegitimacy, delinquency, drug and medical addictions; the detrimental labeling of endangerment by demographic profiling; socio-economic stereo typing; the stigmatization/jeopardizing of credit by its determination of credit worthiness based on maternal maiden lineage; the victimization/criminalization of fatherhood and the immunity, unaccountability, corruption/abuse of the courts and city/state agencies.

*      The abolishment of discriminatory and predatory legislation; inequitable judgment, orders, and sentencing in the judicial system; and unconstitutional legal measures in penalization.   
 7.  The personal freedom to be guided by, within reason, one’s personal conviction in standing according to ethical/spiritual principle against injustice and institutional illegalities; to reserve the right to withhold obligation and protest against detrimental causative actions by the courts, or city/state agencies. Meaning, a person cannot be made to jeopardize the welfare/progression of self, family, loved ones or enablers in order to qualify or enter compliance with any law, preceding, program or order by any precinct, judge, or administration on any local, state, or governmental level.  With the exception of cases where there is proven: guilt of a crime, criminal involvement, harmful conspiracy, or national treason.

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