Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Not Popular, But It's True.

Good Friday and Passover have nothing complementary in relation to each other. The Passover commemorates the night the death angel passed over the houses of the Jews, during the plagues on Egypt. Good Friday, is the Roman pagan celebration of the execution of Christ. The murder of an innocent person is never a good thing, and certainly not a cause for celebration.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Divine Telepathic Parenting (Parenting by Prayer)

Marriage is a spiritual union and institution founded and bonded by the Spirit of God; that same Spirit that moved upon the face of the waters at creation.  The marriage was actually orchestrated through Divine intent before the human agents exist.  The sperm contained in a man's semen are creative matter imbued with spirit and energy.  The testicles are the holding place of "spirits"/"souls of men".  The woman is the door into this physical world, through which the seed/sperm is cultivated and introduced into a physical existence.  The sperm and ovum are literally two specimens of human matter that are sewn together by the "breath of life" or Spirit.  This same spirit, along with DNA, is replicated and transferred to the child.  In the early years of the child's life, if the seeds of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, is cultivated, rehearsed and demonstrated before the child, Spiritual development and physical growth takes place simultaneously.  When these Spiritual teachings are empowered and secured by prayer for the child, "My Words shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish that which I have sent it out to do"-(Biblical Scripture) "Train up a child in the way that they should go, and in the end they shall not depart from it"-(Biblical Scripture).

So, you have the information and you have the promise from the One Who says He Is The Truth. Your presence with your child has its beginning in the mind of the God that knew you before you existed.  It is purely fiction, and blasphemy for a judge to think to truly award custody, or rule over a Divine matter that was already established before the foundations of this world were laid.  Your presence and parenting of your child transcends physical space, time, and circumstance and is made in effect through the Spiritual lineage branched out and connected by the Spirit of God.  If you maintain your mental and spiritual connection with God, there is an instantaneous portal download of information and instruction that operates imperceptive to human observation.  God "lead-parents" through you by the intent of your heart, and angelic agents are dispatched to ensure that every detail of your will, united with God's Will, is carried out to exactness.

Do not fear separation by the courts, because it cannot, and does not effect your parenting.   Fear separation from God by your sins and unbelief, that work against your strongest connection, not only to God, but to your child.

Be at peace by the Truth.  --Michraél E. James--

How Thoughts Affect Our Reality? a must see!!!

How the thoughts effect water is actually the easiest part of the mystery. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". -Yehusha

God admonishes us to cast down every high thought that exalts itself against God. The thoughts in my mind right now, are composing a perspective, a perception and a reflection or emission of cognition that began in a cognitive atmosphere at a certain intellectual height.  It caused a decision to take place, and I have decided to type what has just been transferred into the physical universe in the form of symbols that you are now reading, interpolating and internalizing.  My thought is a living frequency that is now permanently lodged in your mind, growing and producing other thoughts, decisions and actions.  That is on the intellectual level; there is also activity on the molecular level.  The water molecules in my body, if the thoughts are true will send out a positive frequency that will constructively alter the atomic shape of the water molecules in all parts of my body, including my blood.  The thoughts of your mind creates molecular structures that will either cause harm, or promote harmony and healing, congruent to the negative or positive energy vibrations given off by your thoughts and emotions.  Fear is the most damaging frequency on the molecules, and it ravages the body's systems, creating imbalances and breakdowns internally, externally, and circumstantially.  -Michraél James