Saturday, August 25, 2012

Your Right As a Divine Being

You were Conceived and Willed here by the Gods/God Head.  Here, is your place in this universe; on this planet.  Although you live under governments of fellow beings, no fellow being has the power, or right to thwart your elevation in the ascension of time.  And, ultimately your creator will usher you up to your higher state, with dominion.

We are the children of the One Who makes law.  It is every Divine being's right to rule and have dominion, in service to God.  We are of the Gods' likeness, for we were formed in His image; not as beasts or other creatures.  He gives us glory.  It is our duty, as is with angels, to return that glory to Him, increased.  He has made us as His sons, and as light bearers of His image.

When men deny you access, they are challenging your right to proceed.  But, open the window of your soul and your life to your Literal Father, by lifting your vision (looking) to Him.  He (The Gods) will place you in the capacity that is rightfully yours.  Don't appeal to man.  Appeal to God, and walk toward your destiny, while waiting for your appointment and placement.

Laws at every level of government have been designed to restrict progression from one condition to the next.