Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where Societal Progression Begins-   Check this link.  I was reminded by a tweet from MC Hammer on my twitter @jameslandBFSP, of where societal progression begins.  It begins with helping those around you, in the simplest, most meaningful ways.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It attempts to figure itself out.

It's amazing that God would create a mind that is so coscieous, so aware, so alive and so articulate, that it climbs upon itself to peak in and understand itself........ And, you think it makes sense were only living at a margin of 100 years.  Something is not adding up.

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The efforts of B.F.S.P. is just one of many.

Most of the world has been decieved; is being decieved; and will be decieved.  But, my friends, deception is not progression; it is the theft of your life.  God has personally breathed His Own immortal Divine Breath into your body.  Why wouldn't you cooperate with Him to keep it there? And, the key to doing that is to accept His greatest, and most powerful provision, His Son.  "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that 'proceedeth' out of the mouth of God." (Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4) KJV

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

They might ignore me, but they can't ignore us all. Is this not what I have been preaching for the last 4 months? Snap out of the trance.

Watch "Live to 1000 years? -Dr Paul Clayton -" on YouTube

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Selected from the internet: YOUR REGULAR JOE SPEAKS about belief.

Living past 200 isn't so far fetched. How about living close to 1000.  Why do so many people believe in the mythe of death coming near the 100 year mark of existence.  Living past 100 begins with thinking past 100.

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Risk is the calculated move to go against, and in-spite of all indications.  Risk is a composition of three parts; the unknown, a small margin for error, and high stakes.  There is no such thing as a "safe risk".  Risks carry great reward, but there are inevitable consequences.  The key to negotiating these consequences, is figuring out the balance of reward Vs. loss.  If the magnitude of loss is more significant than the value of the reward, that risk is not wise.  However, if the inverse is true regarding the ratio, then it is a risk worth taking.

When a risk is taken, a new set of actualities present themselves.  If a risk is taken to offset, or avert a loss, or even acquire a divergent occupation against, and in-spite of all indicators, the grid of life adjusts to present a challenge.  This challenge may come in the form of a sequence of misfortunes, to reestablish the status quo, or "normal" trend of movements.  The strength of one's mind is of utmost importance to win the psychological battle between the mind's former cognitive behaviors, and the new commitment to the new decision/s.  The psychological battle may manifest as unfounded or inconclusive fears, but the foreseen reward of the risk will serve to lock the coordinates to the new mental projection.  In decision-making the paths most aggressively pursued, gathers the most gravity of traction.

Every path/decision you venture toward, possess a pull of its own on you, which may explain why a person feels as if they are fighting an uphill battle in the new direction they have taken.  They are going against the kinetic draft they have created.  Each decision demands energy in the way of following through on that decision.  So, if you have committed a lot of thought and effort in certain vein of direction, a momentum of actions/consequences has been built upon.  Changing directions mid-stream requires a stronger train of thought, and greater mind power to overcome the wind of fears, which are largely psycho-sympathetic manifestations.  The effectiveness of your new plans depends largely on the condensation of your new convictions.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Yehusha, will ascend us.

Yehusha will ascend us to the Father, and we will reign with the Godhead in His throne with Him. We will look upon the Holy One with our eyes, and we will be like Him. Immortal, encadescent, full of Light and Love.  We need more of Him, to live the breadth of our lives today.

God abides in His temples; shedding grace and light on all those that bear witness.  He will glorify Himself in our glorified bodies.  We shall emit as the stars of heaven, and rise as the heavenly hosts.  We shall cast down our crowns at the feet of The I Am, symbolizing the submission of our intellect, and His worthiness as King of All.

---Michraél E.James---

IT'S COMING!!! The Time Has Come For > MussuBlack*** the MUSSUBLACK (FreeStyle) This Is MussuB.L.A.C.K.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reverse Engineering Anxiety/Stress (paraphrased extrapolation)


Worry are thoughts that are subjective from one's own perspective. When we take the thing we are worrying 

about, and use it as an inspiration to produce answers for others with a similar concern, we divert a diabolical 

experience with others that cross our path. This is because other people are no longer opportunities for 

ventilation, and we are able to interact with them positively, because we have cognitively relegated the 

"problematic" concern.

Reverse Engineering Anxiety/Stress

Consider for a moment, that the knowledge of your circumstances are markers that are used for orientation in the dimensions of the experiential kinetic world surrounding you. These markers are not comprehensive or conclusive of the actual "life", but they are temporal problems actualized by sin or error.  Worry is a state of mind, much like dreams; it is determined by the parameters we set; the language, the symbology, the functionality.  In the practical analysis, our literal days are composed of two constants: Our natural environments within the universe, and it's orders and events set in motion by its creator, God; and the rippling and reverberating forces of thoughts, words, actions and deeds of every person that has come into existence at any given point.  Technically speaking, as our lives intersect, the kinetic impacts can result in instances of good or evil, success or failure, and life or death.  You have the power to change the chemical properties of your own life, so you can help promote an instance with someone else's path you intersect, that is complementary and symbiotic, and not diabolical.  This will reduce friction, a break down, and loss of energy.  Remember we are fellow beings, replicated after a God that is perfect.  Our interactions should enhance the perfection of others, which will in-turn, naturally enhance our own perfection.  So, when you see stress, (as it were a gun) take that temporal care, and make something conducive of it; let your awareness of problems fuel your cognitions for peace, as your God would design it.

---Michraél E. James---

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Comedy Spotlight - Military Weapons in Gangsters' Hands

Let's be frank. I love, but this article gives me cause to pause. It is glaringly stereotypical, lacks credibility; and is laced with: anecdotal sublimation,associative inferences,blind assumption, prejudice,profiling and paranoia. Even the accompanying photo is in fact, inaccurate. In all my life, I have not seen such a level of ignorance at our high levels of intelligence. There is NO gang in America that flashes that gesture as a gang sign. The expression on the soldier's face is silly, and not consistent with expressions any gang member would make while displaying an actual gang sign. The entire article is speculative and inconclusive, and actually undercuts our military's tactical efforts. This article is purely fiction and blatant fear-mongering. The story should've never gotten clearance. IT'S EMBARRASSING!!!!

Check this link for the story---> Military Weapons in Gangsters' Hands

Friday, December 9, 2011

Founder's Note: B.R.I.M. is now B.F.S.P.

About 1 month ago, the operative and effective name of this "progressive network" was changed from Beings' Rights International Movement (BRIM), to the new operative and effective name, Beings For Societal Progression (BFSP).  The reasoning for the change is that the new operative and effective name gives of a more magnetic and kinetically receptive energy flow, and has more of a liquidity of movement when communicated.  The new name en-capsulizes the intent and trajectory of this network, and reaches a broader interdemographia of persons.  Thank you for the acceptance of this change.


Michraél E. James

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cognition 2. The U.S. spy drone was first taken over electronically. It is 2011; intelligence is in everyone, and technology is everywhere. The time of the paranoia propaganda era is over. Why continue to sell it? Nuclear science is old technology; older than even the "Cold War". What's really inciting the U.S. Government?

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An example of the third adrenal response to fear or anxiety....."cognition". Any questions? Psychologists can either listen, or learn.

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Example of "Title Stigmatization" (video)

Confusion Led To Thousands Of Tossed Votes Across State, Study Finds -

After taking another look at this video, I discovered another disturbing fact about the statements made; the implication that so-called "low-income" voters are not intelligent enough to use more sophisticated equipment (sort of bicameral man v/s enlightened thinker), that socio-economic standing somehow denotes intelligence, and that sovereign individuals are being classified and stigmatized according to zip code.  Note: In New York, as is probably anywhere in America, goods and services are made accessible according to zip code.  Oh, what tangled web of prejudice our country has woven!  This is why I have designed to put an end to class, and I will succeed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Example of "Title Stigmatization"

NY1 ran a story on their news broadcast on Dec. 6, 2011, where the news director approved the teleprompter to actually read "higher population of Low-Income Voters", in a story that highlighted the inefficiency of some voting machines in accounting for over voting.  Anika Pergament, acting as "Lead Anchor" on the same morning, was heard at 8:04a.m. making the statement near the end of the story.

The statement is just one of many examples of "Title Stigmatization" through all forms of media and language from ads and speeches, to curriculum and policy hearings.  The statement could be concurred to mean "black" voters, but it is actually a much broader socio-political stigmatization, since it could be interpreted as an inference directed at anyone not currently members of the two upper tax brackets.

Currently the term "low-income" can literally be implied as the "99%", as touted by OWS activists.  The news story validates this by making a supposition in projecting that there will be a higher turnout of the national majority, which is the 99% of those not classified as wealthy or rich, to vote in 2012, in efforts to re-elect President Obama.                    

by: Michraél James/Founder-B.F.S.P.

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