Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reverse Engineering Anxiety/Stress

Consider for a moment, that the knowledge of your circumstances are markers that are used for orientation in the dimensions of the experiential kinetic world surrounding you. These markers are not comprehensive or conclusive of the actual "life", but they are temporal problems actualized by sin or error.  Worry is a state of mind, much like dreams; it is determined by the parameters we set; the language, the symbology, the functionality.  In the practical analysis, our literal days are composed of two constants: Our natural environments within the universe, and it's orders and events set in motion by its creator, God; and the rippling and reverberating forces of thoughts, words, actions and deeds of every person that has come into existence at any given point.  Technically speaking, as our lives intersect, the kinetic impacts can result in instances of good or evil, success or failure, and life or death.  You have the power to change the chemical properties of your own life, so you can help promote an instance with someone else's path you intersect, that is complementary and symbiotic, and not diabolical.  This will reduce friction, a break down, and loss of energy.  Remember we are fellow beings, replicated after a God that is perfect.  Our interactions should enhance the perfection of others, which will in-turn, naturally enhance our own perfection.  So, when you see stress, (as it were a gun) take that temporal care, and make something conducive of it; let your awareness of problems fuel your cognitions for peace, as your God would design it.

---Michraél E. James---

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