Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Example of "Title Stigmatization"

NY1 ran a story on their news broadcast on Dec. 6, 2011, where the news director approved the teleprompter to actually read "higher population of Low-Income Voters", in a story that highlighted the inefficiency of some voting machines in accounting for over voting.  Anika Pergament, acting as "Lead Anchor" on the same morning, was heard at 8:04a.m. making the statement near the end of the story.

The statement is just one of many examples of "Title Stigmatization" through all forms of media and language from ads and speeches, to curriculum and policy hearings.  The statement could be concurred to mean "black" voters, but it is actually a much broader socio-political stigmatization, since it could be interpreted as an inference directed at anyone not currently members of the two upper tax brackets.

Currently the term "low-income" can literally be implied as the "99%", as touted by OWS activists.  The news story validates this by making a supposition in projecting that there will be a higher turnout of the national majority, which is the 99% of those not classified as wealthy or rich, to vote in 2012, in efforts to re-elect President Obama.                    

by: Michraél James/Founder-B.F.S.P.

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