Thursday, October 20, 2011

This movement is...

Simply put, Beings For Societal Progression is the realization of Human and Civil Rights.  It is the movement of humanity in ascension, as is our nature, being first created in the image and likeness of The God that resides above the heavens, and we get there by elevating together.  We are to, as citizens of earth, remind our governments of our innate right to excel and exceed barriers, borders and standards as our capabilities, mentalities, and methodologies progress.  Gone are the days of class and humanity as a resource, in order to power political and industrial mechanisms.  We as beings, reserve the right and prerogative to hone and harness our God given "powers" and life force to uplift our generations and replenish our seed in the geo-community for the causes of health and peace.  And, we will achieve this by a multiplicity of means.  

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