Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Defending Our Freedoms Vs. Securing Our Freedoms

At first glance, the above terms seem very similar, almost identical, but as you venture into the mood of the context, the contrast is all-too-startling.  The former term of "defending" our freedom implies that we are ready to a stand against those who would dare take our prerogative to aspire away from us.  I welcome that sentiment, but however, the second term of "securing" our freedom takes on a whole different carnation.   Securing involves locking down/safe guarding/to tie down the leisure we enjoy at home and abroad.  "Securing", is sterile, cold, and inhospitable to ease of movement.  Maybe this is why your 30 minute flight from Baltimore to Charlotte, seems like an hour and a half, or your procession to the elevators in your office building takes 22 minutes.  If time is money, "Homeland Security" is killing our economy.  The idea is for domestic security to be nonintrusive to the American's everyday way of life.  The best security is the security of social peace, as opposed to the engendering of fears and paranoia, or the reference to these psychological disorders as necessary attributes of an alert citizen.  The latter idea is ludicrous!  We appear frantic and disheveled to the global community.  We are losing one social freedom after another, until we are citizens contained by unfriendly laws and policies.  Let's begin the process of unscrewing the jar before it is too late.

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