Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Death Anomaly and The Coming Existential Experience

You are not living toward a death; You are living toward a "time". God landed you here on a certain date, at a certain time, within a certain genealogy, under particular circumstances. It is an appointed process. You were appointed to be (exist) in the image and likeness of your Father (Yahweh); to do the things of Yahweh, as he commands. Because of the interruption of sin, it is also "appointed" to everyone to die, once.

It is not correct to say, "I have one life to live". That is an inversion of The Truth from YOUR Father's mouth, Who says, "It is appointed unto every man to die once, then, the judgment". It IS correct to say, "I have one 'death to die'". It is within God's prerogative to cancel that death appointment, if He chooses for you to enter the process of translation, rather than resurrection.

Death is neither, an objective or an object for you. Your Father conquered death. The pseudo death by the cessation of this body is merely a sleep of your life force between your probationary end, and the time of His Second Coming. There is no more need for the present body at the probationary end, because it is not the one you will occupy at the resurrection.

Whatever pretext, context, or premise of a person's pseudo death, it is a symbol, metagram or digit illustrating the conclusion of that dispensation of time. Life force composing the personality, character and consciousness of that individual, will be re + membered with their new glorified, immortal and incorruptible body; the same body Christ has, which behaves with the properties of a spirit, sort of like a solid able to instantly leap many valences, in order to behave as a gas. In retrospect, the old body is not compatible with the coming existential experience.

The coming existential experience is what you are living toward, not death.  If you are living toward death, you are misdirected. 

By:  Michraél E. James

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