Saturday, October 19, 2013

Realigning The Framework of Society

The framework of the American society drafted from iniquitous European philosophy and science.  The drafting tools are the arts, religion, doctrine, education and politics.  Within the structures established through penalty and requirement of law, this system has confined its subjects within fixed and narrowed parameters based on race, education, economics and political affiliation.

Prescribing individuals to matriculate and accumulate between an abbreviated subset of years, the masters of our society have subjected the masses of society to psycho somatic anxieties that wear on the mind and life force.  As evident of this new age of enlightenment, people are waking up and rattling the chains of their entrapment.  New studies in naturalpathy, biology and psychology are debunking and exposing the purported myths that have misdirected millions into premature death, and still many more into clinical and deformative diseases.

Now is the time to redraft and align the content and scope of science, psychology and social engineering to accommodate an ever progressive society, projected toward total living and advancement in a myriad of contexts.

-Michraél E. James    

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