Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mind Control Afoot

If there was ever a time to watch LESS television, it's now.  All laws aren't legislated.  All imprisonments aren't institutional.  All inquisitions aren't bloody.  All of these actions can be simply suggested through the media, and the masses implement them upon themselves.  And, it all enters your mind via the media (all forms of media).  You might think this is crazy, but very soon you very well may be, and won't even know it.  When your actions and voiced words go against moral and evidential logic, that is when you are no longer your own, but an extension of the orders and entities that have persuaded you.  You feel wiser, more empowered, and more connected more than ever, but on the flip-side the media has diversified the avenues in which to inject messages into your mind, and expanded the platform from which to posture spurious views.  It doesn't bother me to warn you.  That's just the way it is; and angels don't apologize for what they say.  Not that I am one, but we should all be fellow servants to them.  So, I will follow their example, and not the desires of those who are fast becoming victims and casualties.  It is the warning that gives you the opportunity to escape and live.

This is not to say that technology is not good.  It's excellent.  The one thing I have learned in my educational background in the field of technology, is that the utility of it cuts both ways, and that it starts with the human factor, or purposed intent.  The informed approach is to not let technology be your teacher, but you must remain its master.  This means having a back-drop of knowledge not analogous to technology, or the institutions that utilize it; and, to concede to that knowledge that originates from the Creator of Man, who is in-turn the creator of technological tools.  Your mind must retain its God given format in order for you to maintain a position of control in your will to do what is right, which will be profitable toward longevity.

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