Monday, November 7, 2011

The Champion Dallas Mavericks - A "Team" Differed!

On June 12, 2011, it was a night the unthinkable happened.  The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship, but I doubt those watching from home, ipad, or BBM even watched long enough to see the champagne splashing in the DM locker room.  Anchors were noticeably miffed, and watching congratulatory hugs felt awkward.  Yes, they had their ticker tape parade, and yes, they made their speeches laced with branded media quips, but, no, they did not receive the official rings on November 1, 2012.

The only player set to receive a ring of any kind after the NBA lockout is concluded, is Derek Fisher; the player who earned his latest ring around this time last year, including MVP.  I guess Kobe was right when he told LeBron, "I'll see you in the playoffs".  Maybe he and LeBron knew something Dirk Norwitzki didn't; That there would be no ring ceremony, and, that no one will be focusing on the incoming champions' season, or their journey to any repeat trip the playoffs.  In fact, most regard their championship as the biggest cheapest "gimmie" in NBA history.  Most see the Mavs as a group of old washed up aging players, who got their wish at a last gasp for greatness.............. but, a greatness that will not be remembered.  With the exception of Norwitzki's last second driving lay up, in Game 2 at Miami against Chris Bosh.

If only for that, the masses would remember, but that was not the game that got the Mavs the championship.  On the contrary, it was the game in which Jason Terry was a menace, and everyone from courtside announcer to the skybox viewers were wishing one of the "Big Three" from Miami would swat down the miniature plane.  Besides, no one likes a self-proclaimed prophet who wears a tattoo of the NBA Championship trophy on his arm.  Purely presumptuous, Mr. Terry!

Increasingly, a feeling of satisfaction has settled in across the nation, that at least when Miami does get the championship, they will be remembered for seasons to come.  The NBA lockout has most assuredly guaranteed the Mavericks' championship season will be forgotten, because everyone wants to get past the lockout, and not look back to the time period in which it ensued.  There is no monetary compensation that can suffice for the damages incurred on the Dallas Mavericks' championship legacy.

Written By: Michraél E. James

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