Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Concerns About The Hep C Virus

These are my concerns about the Hepetitis C virus: For one, according to the nursing staff at Vortex Health Agency, Hep C is a blood borne pathogen that primarily attacks the liver. It is spread directly through blood-to-blood contact. The liver is the organ center of the body for the production of white blood cells/antibodies/T-Cells. There are no symptoms for the disease. According to Vortex, historically, it first began to be spread through needle sharing, blood transfusions and tattooing.  Vortex is presently conducting an agressive testing drive for individuals (men) born between 1946 - 1964. It is stated that three million men today are infected, and of the general populous 1-in-7 black men between the ages of 50 and 58 have the disease and don't know it. The specific origin or molecular makeup of the virus remains unknown or unexplained, as is how healthcare officials can account for the precise number of three million infected in the U.S.. Although Vortex reports that their are at least two specific blood tests for the disease that were not available before 1990, they would not provide the details of the nature of these tests, or the particular blood factors they are testing for, except obviously, antibodies.  Vortex denied having knowledge of any foods that may offer resistance to the disease, and only offered testing.  However, they did not identify what parts levels within the blood they are testing.  My best recommendation is for more historical and factual research of the origin or molecular make-up of the disease, for the fact it is a virus that was directly introduced into the male human bloodstream. Another peculiarity is that it is gender specific to males. You can find out more about these facts and more, by contacting Vortex Health @ 1855HEPC368, or visiting .

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