Friday, November 4, 2011

No such thing as, "Whatever Happens Happens".

We need to exercise what I call, "Commercial Disobedience", whenever there is a rational and natural product in production that actually has no side effects, and is only beneficial and effective. We should be careful who we regard as an authority in our decision-making. We must realize that opportunities come in windows, and the shutters of those windows have no intention on allowing the winds of relief to circulate, thereby allowing the mass of society to proceed and progress forward in the extended expanse of life. We should use that same commercial leveraging power and decide not to consume or acquire products with side affects, and that  negatively impact the community and its environment.  For example, Hoodia is a natural product that controls apatite and reverses obesity; the FDA is making sure you don't get your hands on it, without giving any substantial reasons for its actions against it, except to say that, "We have no proof this cactus fruit from Africa actually works".  They don't deny the fact it is an edible fruit.  All fruits have nutritional value, so why isolate it even if it doesn't control weight? This is how we should question every argument that is presented; take into account what is NOT being said, as well.  If you have a weight problem, use your common sense, and buy Hoodia.

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